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What We Do

Fisher Corporate Law is built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

We provide formation and transactional legal services and advice to founders, startups, and executives.

Company Formation

We form corporations and LLCs in any state. We'll consider your ownership, tax, and management needs to help you choose the right type of entity, get your EIN, create best-in-class formation documents, and set you up for success.

One flat fee covers the entire process. Filing fees included.



Whether it's an NDA, partnership agreement, lease, software license, website terms of use, or pretty much any other type of agreement, we can draft it or review it for you.


Employment and HR

Are you a professional starting a new position? We can provide expert advice on your employment agreement and noncompete.

For businesses, we can create your employment agreements and employee handbook, offer letters, stock option plans and grants, and pretty much any other employment-related documentation.



The trademark process doesn't have to be complicated. We'll help you understand the benefits and costs, then help you find a registerable trademark and submit all the filing paperwork on your behalf.


Corporate Housekeeping

Boards of Directors and LLC Managers are required to document important actions and stay on top of numerous "corporate housekeeping" tasks.

We provide founders, Boards, and executives with the documentation and advice they need to stay compliant and avoid potential fines and headaches.

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What We Do: Practices
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